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Touted as a surfer’s dream destination and the honeymooners’ haven, the island of Oahu is, perhaps, America’s most exotic paradise. A melting pot of diverse ethnicity, this island paradise is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches and landscapes in the world. With the majority of the population of Hawaii nestling in the island and countless tourists and travelers from across the globe paying a visit, Oahu certainly lives up to its title as the “gathering place”. But along with its rich culture and glorious natural scenery also comes a price–and a huge one at that. Oahu is among the most expensive places to visit in the country, which makes looking for reasonably priced activities, sites, and meals feel intimidating, not to mention seemingly impossible, to the budget-conscious tourist. Don’t fret, though, because within this paradise exists a few monetary oasis. In no particular order, here are eight things a traveler on a budget can do while in Oahu for $10 or less. 8-Things-To-Do-in-Oahu-for-$10-or-Less